Posted by: Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) | October 13, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Okay, I promised more food posts about our Newport trip and now seems like a good time to start. Before Shrewbie tells us more about the Brown-Eyed Girl Incident, I will tell you about the lunch we had that day. Shrew & Maven were eager to show us a little joint on the pier near our hotel they found, but unfortunately it was not open for lunch – only dinner. There was a gentleman working there getting ready for the evening, I suppose, and we asked him for a recommendation for lunch on the water. He pointed us in the direction of a place called The Pier and said he couldn’t vouch for the food, but the view was almost as good as his.

Hmmm. Not the best recommendation, but we were all starving and needed something to sop up that celebratory champagne we had already started on in the room. We wandered through the very unglamorous wharf and made our way to the restaurant. The view was decent.

The service? Not so good. We would continue to experience a lot of slow service in Newport – not sure if that is just the way it is in Newport, or if we were just in the wrong places at the wrong times. But, I was happy anyway. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was sitting outside enjoying it by the sea with Karen & Renae, and our finally-met-in-person friends, Rosie & Dawn.

As I mentioned in my Valley Victuals post, Dawn definitely had the best pick of this meal with the Kobe beef sliders.

The rest of us had issues. I chose the grilled salmon club sandwich.

It sounded like a good idea, but the execution was just wrong. Who puts a club sandwich on a roll? I was expecting thin slices of toast. The bacon was a nice touch, but the big roll overwhelmed the salmon and made the whole thing hard to eat. I did like the fries though.

Rosie & Renae both had the burger. Rosie’s was okay, but Renae’s was way undercooked for how she ordered it and it took a very long time to get it back.

Karen had this chicken ceasar salad and though it looked pretty good…

…she said the chicken was very dry.

Not an auspicious start to the gourmet portion of our tour. But not to worry. Dinner would totally make up for that!



  1. Wait.
    Shh, shh, listen.
    If you’re really quiet you can hear my burger.

    “mooooooo! freaking moooooo!”

  2. That piece of bread that came with my salad was good…

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