Posted by: shrewspeaks | September 6, 2008

This Goes out to Jackie B – Part 2

After a spot of breakfast, MusicMaven and I packed up her spiffy rent-a-Kia, and headed up to Gooseberry Beach.  This is a private beach along Ocean Drive that is open to the public.  It was spectacular.

Little children were running into the water…

…and out of their suits.

The beach is a near perfect cove style beach…(click on the images for full size)

On either side of the cove, stand local cottages…

Ya…rough life.

Many were diving and boating in the cove…

We stayed there for a few hours soaking up the sun and atmosphere.  It was all bliss…until MusicMaven took one look at me and said “Okay we have to leave…you are red, REALLY red.”

So we headed back to SGDT Homebase for a little munch and rest before heading out to find some drinks and lobster.  We found a tiny place called H2O right on the water that had music and a lobster boil.

Besides the perfect lobster and bubbly, the sunset views form our seats were spectacular.

After dinner, we walked along the harbor walk while the sun continued to set…

Finally, we made it back home…I was good and sauced from sun and booze and MusicMaven wanted to hear the Beatles…

So the concert began…

I sang Beatles

and sang

then we moved into Otis

And a natural shift…

which naturally lead to…

and concluded with the unusual…

Poor MusicMaven, I hope I didn’t permanently damage her ears or traumatized her forever!



  1. Okay I was sad already that I wasn’t able to make the trip, now I’m crying in my tea.

    What a spectacular place. And Shrew, your photos are breathtaking. Did you use a tripod on the low-light ones? They’re really nice and sharp!

  2. I had my gorilla pod in my bag with me. But I also used any flat surface available!

    Trust me brc when I say, your ears would be bleeding too, if you had heard the “concert”! 😉

  3. I just love the shot of the red sky with Renae’s “favorite” bridge lit up in the background. Really beautiful.

  4. The sunsets there seem extra special some how. Maybe the rich folks pay extra for that??

    Shrew, are those panoramas of the beach from the fish eye or stitched together in Photoshop or a little of both, perhaps?

  5. They are pure fisheye crops. Just returned that little beauty too!

  6. The pictures are once again, fantastic.

    The concert was very intriguing as I tried to analyze the musical progression from The Beatles to Otis to Ree Ree to Carole King. But, she was VERY convincing. At 2:15am, I was toast bread. We’d had quite a busy two days already and the engergizer bunny wasn’t slowing down a bit.

    While not as good as The Radiators, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. Wait, I was the energizer bunny?

  8. You whipped my ole ass.

  9. I could just spend the whole afternoon listening to Shrew and MM’s banter. I’d go to any SGDT just for that, even if the venue was my backyard or the local Shop-Rite. You guys are hilarious.

    Too many favorite shots here. The wine glass, the boats, the canoe, the cute little girl at the beach … but boy oh boy, what I would give to have witnessed that energizer bunny “Stars on 45” concert. Especially that last clip.

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