Posted by: shrewspeaks | September 5, 2008

This Next One Goes Out To Jackie B. – Part One

We started Sunday Morning going to St Mary’s Church.  MusicMaven, a good Cajun Catholic wanted to go for faith and I am glad I didn’t pass the opportunity by.  St. Mary’s Church is where JFK and Jackie Beauvier tied the knot.  

St. Mary’s is an intimate, yet rather formal Catholic Church; too grand for a chapel to small for a cathedral. But pretty, oh so pretty.

Here is MusicMaven looking all saintly…


Gooseberry Beach and the Sunset Concert



  1. Wow. What a lovely place. These images are beautiful. I especially like the one of the ceiling, it’s a really interesting angle. Did you use PS to make the lights look like that?

    Also… did you take two camera bodies (one with the fisheye and one with a regular lens) or did you change lenses as needed?

  2. St. Mary’s was really nice, but they sing a wonky “Our Father”. Anywho, glad we went and the JFK pew was a good catch by Shrew. We knew they had married there but were literally walking down the aisle to leave when she spotted the engraved nameplate on a very non-conspicious pew near the middle of the church.

    The picture she took of me solidified by desire for LightRoom as she was able to “cure” all of my blemishes. Please do NOT show the before and after on that one…I like to live in my illusions. BTW, I need to get a copy of that so I can send it to my mother…

    “Mom…here’s a picture of me in church. Actually, at the church where St. John F. Kennedy and your beloved “Jackie O” were married.”

    Oh, and BRC, Shrew was a lens-changin’ dynamo, but the light was natural.

  3. MusicMaven I will post the high red to my smugmug account.

    Brc- I was a lens changing fool all week long! The fish eye was great fun I would love to find a used one.

  4. I love the shot of MusicMaven! Its beautiful.
    Shrew, any chance you’d like to come up to MA sometime and do a family portrait for me?

  5. Gorgeous.

    The chapel’s pretty, too. 🙂

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