Posted by: shrewspeaks | September 4, 2008

Saturday Night Sunsets

After MusicMaven and I returned back to SGDT base camp with the “medicinal” items, we changed and went down to the pool.  Now you must understand, there was a strict NO CAMERA POLICY around the pool.  No, not enforced by the Wellington, but by me!  But let me paint you a picture…

Lots of sun, blue skies, crystal clear pool water.  Plenty of these…

and plenty of…

We hung for hours, talking about life and finding laughter everywhere.  Periodically, one of us would take a quick crisp dip in the pool to cool off.  In essence, a perfect afternoon.

We changed for dinner, but before leaving, we took advantage of the setting sun. 

Before Dinner

After dinner

We watched a few hours of the Olympics and turned in.  A very honorable beginning to the SGDT!

Tomorrow, “This dedication of Otis’s ‘I’ve Been Lovin’ You’ goes out to Jackie B. “



  1. Well that just sounds like the most perfect day… a bit of exercise, cold beer, good friends, a dip in the pool, some awesome photos, a nice dinner and a beautiful sunset!

  2. ooooh, can’t wait for “the dedication”.

  3. I meant to ask how you created the effect in that last “after sunset” photo? It looks very dreamlike.

  4. Too. Much. Photo. Envy!

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