Posted by: shrewspeaks | August 26, 2008

“When I catch my breath, I am going to beat you for every mile!” – MusicMaven to Shrew

Every book I read on Newport mentioned that Newport was the perfect cycling city.  So I talked MusicMaven into renting a bike while she was in town.  See, this was purely altruistic.  As you may or may not know, our MusicMaven lost a nasty battle with a barstool this past year and her ankle has not been 100% since.  So what better way to maximize traversing the miles than on two wheels?  See the most spare the rod, so to speak.  Saturday, we woke up after a most excellent night of Radiator fun and thought the best way to begin our week was to see Ocean Drive.  We had the local freebie map and set off on our bikes.

We rounded the corner and we were greeted instantly with the most luscious views of Newport Harbor.

The skys were bright and the activity level was high.  I was grateful for all of these photo opportunities as I was already winded and perspiring like a leaky faucet…I think we had peddled about 40 feet.

Some boaters were coming or going to their yacht…I assume it is a yacht owner based on the brevity of his suit.

The scene before us was so perfectly “Newport”.  Here many vessels bob before the famous Newport Bridge.

At the time I took this following photo, I had no idea how well it summed up all that is this fascinating city.

Within this image are local small boats, large historic sails, ritzy yachts and the historic liberator Rochambeau all over seeing the many time shares and 18th century dwellings along the water.

Before shoving off on what will be known as “the ride”, one last shot of Music Maven with the “Holy Cow, I am in Newport.” Smile.

The next leg of the trip encompassed, farms and creatures of the like…oh yeah and HILLS.  BIG HILLS.  Ugly Hills.  Hills so big, I forgot to pull out my camera and take pictures because I was shaking, big.  Old people on their bikes were whizzing by us at embarrassing fast clips.  Yet we pressed on.

We were in front of the Newport Country Club when we read the disclaimer on the map “NOT TO ACTUAL SCALE”.  Horrors!  What is actual scale?

Let me show you.  See The Newport Country Club…yup Mile 2 marker.

But we pressed on…

And boy am I glad we did, for we were treated with the most beautiful sights Newport has to offer.

Around mile marker 3, we came upon the world famous Castle Hill Beach.

The sandy beach of this famous resort was crowned with rows of rose hips (thanks Karmardav for the education on this little floral note)

Around this peninsula, the rich schwoosh by on their aquatic toys.

The scene was spectacular and warranted a lens change (and an opportunity to stall and catch my breath) to the fisheye.

And thankfully, MusicMaven was still smiling…

Even as I documented the fact that MM was on this bike at the 3 mile marker…

…she spoke those now infamous words…

When I catch my breath, Shrew, I am going to beat you for every mile.

Tomorrow…miles 4-10+



  1. First, THAT map has to be wrong. That ride (she chuckles) was at least 20 miles, minimum.

    Second, the only reason Shrew is still alive to tell the tale is because a.) we stopped often, and b.) the scenery was lovely. Otherwise, you would have no nice pictures, no humorous stories, ’cause she would be D-E-A-D.

    “Let’s ride around Newport”, she says….”It’s supposed to be a great bike riding town”, she says…”That way, we don’t have to find a place to park the car”, she says….

    “Sounds good”, I say….”How bad can it be?”, I think.

    Shrew was kind in my quote. As I remember it, there were several expletives included in there somewhere. I WAS ON VACATION and here I was on the Tour de Newport. And yes, the final humiliation was the 75 year old man and 10 year old boy who whizzed past us providing a much-needed refreshing breeze.

    AND, to top it off, there was no bar in sight. I was promised cocktails and relaxing vistas. Vistas I got, cocktails…notably absent.

    Can’t wait for the next installment, a/k/a “MusicMaven left in the dust”.

  2. Aargh. I have so much to catch up on. I have been really busy and traveling for work, plus school starts tomorrow.

    I will read every story and check out every photo. I can’t wait!

  3. Bu-wah-ha, MM! You are too funny. Wish we got to hang with you for more than one day.

    Lovin’ all your pics-o-da-port, Shrew! I was playing Nae’s slideshow last night with Yacht Rock playing on my computer. Made me long to go back.

  4. Oh, I can just hear you, MM, saying the ‘Tour de Newport’ and it is cracking me up.

    Ladies, it was all worth it for the glorious pictures and the storytelling!

  5. I think that’s the new phrase for the next SGDT tee shirts.

  6. HI-LARRY-US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAAAA!!!
    Thanks for that much needed comic relief. Oh, yeah, and the gorgeous photos too! *still*laughing*

  7. That first shot is da bomb. And you ladies are crack ups!

    Love that closeup of MM, too. Is that Shrew’s reflection on her glasses?

  8. […] least she didn’t tell me she’d beat me for every mile. Tags: family, New […]

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