Posted by: music maven | August 25, 2008

A Music Maven Odessey into Foreign Lands

While I make somewhat frequent trips to the Northeast for work, very seldom is their any time for fun or frolic.  However, I was able to back up a client visit in Boston, for the Shutter Gourmet Dive Tour which allowed me to be up north at the start of the confab.

I flew out of Mobile on Thursday and arrived in Boston, on time, in the late afternoon.  With my trusty Tom Tom GPS, I easily found my hotel and enjoyed a nice dinner with my client.  On Friday, I had an all-morning meeting that concluded around 12:30pm.  After checking out of the hotel and getting my car from the valet, I programmed the trusty GPS for Newport and was on my way.

It was a very enjoyable ride with pleasant weather and relatively little traffic.  After about an hour, I encountered what I was looking for….

I could almost feel the water when suddenly I caught a glimpse of it…

….and then, to quote Renae, “Shit.  The biggest bridge I’ve ever seen”…

While I couldn’t get a picture of it, the harbor was a literal sea of sailing vessels and some of the loveliest scenery that I’ve ever seen.  After a few guided turns from the trusty Tom Tom, I came to the first big turn.

With the prevalent lobster motif, I knew that I had to be getting close.  Just a few more turns and there I was.

Very shortly, I arrived at The Wellington and met up with Shrew.  We checked in and immediately went to check out our view.  Stunning.

After unpacking and having a happy hour cocktail, we made our way to our first Dive stop. 

After a very nice dinner that included some awesome crabmeat ravioli, we staked out our concert seats to see The Radiators.  We were about 12 feet from the stage in the intimate venue that included about 250 attendees. 

Now, at first glance, The Radiators look like an ad for the new face of Medicare and I think that both Shrew and I were a little apprehensive as to what the set would entail.  However, I gotta tell you guys, these dudes rocked the house.  A cross between The Meters and The Grateful Dead, The Radiators showed that talent and pure love of the music translates anywhere.  Here’s a video I took with my camera of The Wrong Road.

The distortion is a little annoying, but you have to see these guys to really appreciate the performance.  The lead singer, Dave Malone, has the most infectious smile and guitarist Camile Baudoin (far left) is simply having the time of his life up there.  Bassist Reggie Scanlan played with Professor Longhair many years ago, and Ed “Zeke” Volker provides balance on vocals and Hammond organ.  They are rounded out by Frank Bua on drums.

Here are a few choice cuts from the concert. 

 The Wrong Road

 The Weight

Mood to Move

And, the piece de resistance, Burnin’ Down the House.  The dudes were serious.

All are available at Internet Archive.  The Radiators actually encourage the taping of their shows.

So, after walking back at about 1:15am, Day 1 was in the books.  A great start to a great vacation and I wasn’t such a fish out of water, after all.



  1. […] Original post by music maven […]

  2. These guys blew me away! That perfect mix of New Orleans funk and mellow jam band.

    Perfect timing with this post. We seem to be going in chronological order!

    Oh, and MusicMaven…I do believe you need to give us your thoughts on The Mason Dixon Line and it’s influence on dance.

  3. I must say that the incessant head bobbing was a bit unnerving but finally worked on “Burnin’ Down the House”.

    The difference of North and South dancers is that where Northerners sort of dance in place and do the Roxbury Rock, Southerners would be modifying every song to a complicated Jitter Bug/Reel that basically mows down other dancers. There is no way that 250 Southerners could have listened to The Radiators in that venue — without casualties. That’s why we have so many outdoor festivals.

  4. Nice post! I’m enjoying reading about the days that I was unable to attend in Newport with you two. Keep ’em coming! Dang SDJ’s!

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