Posted by: shrewspeaks | August 24, 2008

Getting to Newport, Part Two


As I drove through Mystic, I was commando shooting trying to capture images while staying on schedule.  Here is the famous Mystic Pizza. Next Stop…Stonington.

Stonington has these winding little roads that make it impossible to pull over and get shots.  So I had the bright idea to shoot out of my sun roof.  Yeah, I have about four of these shots.

But I did go down to the wharf landing and park.  The sun was working really hard to break through by this time and some boaters were taking advantage of this.

Stonington is known for, well, it’s stoney shores…but also for quiet money and lock jawed lifestyles.

Even some of the local birds seem to have a bit of a ‘tude…

This little “park” on the water was popular with the locals for lunch and for some…a little lovin’.

After Stonington, I made my way east to Watch Hill, RI.  Talk about no place to pull over and take pictures!  Watch Hill has a charming city center bustling with summer visitors, but the price to park was too steep for a photo op. So on I went to Point Judith….

I had no idea Point Judith was a big security point for our coastline.  As you pull up, you do feel like you are encroaching on something you should not be visiting.  However, the parking is free and the surfers were present.  This guys was really good.

This guy…not so much.

In fact…DUDE!

I wasn’t the only person enjoying the sights…

After Point Judith, I headed to the Shaw’s supermarket in South Kingstown, RI to pick up a few necessaries for our week. I made my way and then…I saw the Jamestown Bridge.

Notice the name on this bridge…this bridge is named after Giovanni da Verrazzano, the same explorer who was the first European to enter New York harbor and whom the Verrazzano Narrows is named after. 

By this time I was really excited and was pulling IvoryHut’s all over the place, poorly I might add.

But then I went over the Newport Bridge and finally…I was there…Doesn’t this little guy look like he is saying “Whooooo Newport!”

But nothing said Newport more than our view from the Wellington.

Tomorrow…”When I catch my breath, I’m gunna beat you for every mile.”



  1. Nice tour of the CT and RI coastlines as you travelled! I think Nae’s comment about the Jamestown Bridge should be included somewhere! 😉

  2. You mean “Sh*t, I have never seen a bridge that big.”

  3. I believe there was something in there about sh*tting her pants and/or it looking like a giant f*cking roller coaster.

    That was a great idea taking the scenic route, even if the scenes didn’t start cooperating till near the end of the trip. Those peeps at Point Judith look very relaxed!

    Too funny on the Hut-inspired pics!

  4. Thank you thank you!! More more more!! 😉

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