Posted by: music maven | August 22, 2008

Amateur Night

So you can appropriately appreciate Shrew’s fantastic shots, here’s a few of my “amateurs”….



  1. Umm … MM, you call those amateurs? Yikes!

    I think they’re gorgeous, and I’m feeling all the more jellis over here. Aargh! Stupid stick! (Shrew can explain.)

  2. MM! Ditto what Ivory said! These are beautiful! I LOVE the painter lady, and the sunset…oh, and the fishnet…
    And I wanna hear STORIES Lady!!!!! STORIES!!! Come ON…dish dish dish! 🙂

  3. P.S. Uh, Ivory….stupid stick? You really can’t drop something like that and then leave us all hanging! lol

  4. MM… these are awesome. If these are the amateur shots we are in store for some AWESOME photography!!!!!

    We. Want. To. Hear and See. More!

  5. Gorgeous, MM! I am the true amateur on the trip! I’ll post my favorite shots (way fewer than the rest of the gang at 80-something shots!) somewhere soon. What a great time we had. Perhaps the girls will allow me to tell you the story of our singer at dinner Thursday night.

  6. OH tell away about the cutie singer…or as I like to think of him…The Next Mr. Christie.

  7. You mean Thursday’s singer was better than “Depression Boy”?

  8. And how!
    I believe there was video taken.

  9. Yes, Jen has video I think. Maybe she’ll be able to include some when she does her write up.
    Dinner was at the Landing on Bowen Wharf and there was a singer doing John Meyer/Dave Matthews style music, mostly mid-90’s and forward. At one point, we were some of the few left in the outside bar area we sat in. He did an 80’s tune out of the blue – was it Jesse’s Girl first? We had a chuckle that he had our age group pegged. He noticed that we enjoyed it and slid into “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” from another tune that he was doing. Caused us to laugh and get his attention. He made comments about us wishing it was still 1983. I smiled and yelled “87 actually!” He then continued with any 80’s songs he could pull out of his repetoire including “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Every Rose has its Thorn.” We had a lot of fun with it and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while the alcohol flowed. He gave a shout-out to the 87 crew as we departed.

  10. Oh DD, I am SO glad you included my favorite shot…that one of the rolled up fishing nets is DA BOMB. Love it.

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