Posted by: Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) | August 14, 2008

More Newport food plus a few travel tips

Okay, this first item on the list I have to say I am not sure about the website if it is the right place or not.  But, the location seems right.

Johnny’s Atlantic – 55 Purgatory Road, Middletown

Diane says Johnny’s Atlantic, the only website I found just says Atlantic Beach Club, but when I saw some review sites that say Johnny’s, they have the same address, which seems to be the same location Diane is describing here:

At the end of First Beach (Easton’s Beach).  A landmark.  Took my aunt and uncle there when they visited us.  Elegant inside, but I believe they have a back patio for lunches – overlooks the beach and is reasonable.

Flo’s Clam Shack – 4 Wave Avenue, Middletown

Somehow I am not surprised that I couldn’t find a website for a place called Flo’s Clam Shack.  But, I did find this listing for it on a site called, which just amuses me.

At the end of First Beach, kind of across from Johnny’s Atlantic.  Fun, funky clam shack – for that end of town.  Small & busy, just like you’d expect.

Anthony’s Seafood – 963 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown

Out of town, on the way to Newport Winery. Not sure you’ll want to go that far out, but I am there the whole week & seek out the great bargains.  This place is a retail seafood place (best I’ve ever seen – I swear I’ll bring a cooloer and bring some home someday) with an ample area of booths for their restaurant offerings.  Great stuff.  Heck, I go to the winery anyway!

A few other quick notes from Diane.  First, she actually does not recommend bicycles unless you are hardcore into it.  She said there is *a lot* of automobile and foot traffic all over the place and she thinks it would be hard to manuever with a bike. 

I also asked her about dress code.  She says casual tourist gear is pretty much fine everywhere except for a few of the really nice restaurants.  

While a lot of Newport is walkable, it is a big town and once you walk halfway across it, you might not feel like walking all the way back!  So, Diane pointed out that on the other side of the harbor area from where we are staying there is the Visitor’s Center, which is on America’s Cup Avenue.  There is a small parking area there that she says is a little more reasonable than most of the others.  Also, the Amateur Gourmet mentioned a trolley service so we might want to look into that. 

Another cool tip she mentioned was that if we get a good clear night for a sunset, the road to Goat Island presents a great photo op for the Newport Bridge.  Also, and Shrewbie might have mentioned this one in one of her previous posts since she has been so thorough, but just in case it slipped by, Trinity Church is supposed to be very beautiful, with lots of Tiffany glass.  Some Kennedys got married there, but I don’t know which ones!  It is open for tours during the day. 

I mentioned First Beach earlier in this post, and of course there is also a Second Beach and a Third Beach.  Diane says that if First and Second happen to be closed due to red tide, Third is usually open because it faces the other way.  Also, because it is a little further out of the way it is usually less crowded.  Along the way to Second Beach from first, there is another photo op at Purgatory Chasm – a rock formation where the ocean really crashes and splashes. 

And, one last item – has lots of good information, including an event schedule.  I did a custom search for our date range there, but if it doesn’t come out like that, just pop the dates in yourself.  See you all soon!



  1. See now the people I know who have been to Newport say Bikes are THE only way to get around. Bringing mine.

  2. I am now torn about the bike thing. It might prove to be difficult for me to tackle mine into or onto my vehicle. We shall see…I am doing a trial run this weekend.
    On the other hand, I do LOVE to walk. :0)

    I got recommedations from two different people that we must do the Cliff Walk.
    And I asked a good friend that went to college in that area, “if you had to choose only one mansion to tour, which one would it be?” Without any hesitation she said, “hands down…Rosecliff”.

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