Posted by: shrewspeaks | August 13, 2008

Newport – a tolerant haven for all

Since the earliest colonial days, Rhode Island, was set up as the tolerant colony.  Newport, as the gem of the colony, attracted many who found pursecution in the stringent religious systems of Massachussets, New Hampshire and Conneticut.  Congregationalists, Quakers, Episcopalians, Baptists and Jews were seekers of religious tolerance. They lived and worked in a city that was more than a just a melting pot; it was also a busy harbor of maritime trade equal to the ports of Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Charleston.

Amoungst some of the historical riches of the city is the oldest US synagogue building. Touro Synagogue was dedicated on December 2nd, 1763.


In addition to religious tolerance, Newport has always served as a safe haven for artisens of all walks.

From the elite cabinet makers of Townsend and Goddard.

to Bob Dylan going electric

to the quirky Beatrice Turner painter extrodinaire (seriously…check out her story, pretty strange)

And now Newport will face the toughest test of tolerance….

The Shutter Gourmet Dive Tour!!!!

(I’m the fifth one from the left.)



  1. Oh no, I can’t see the picture!

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