Posted by: Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) | August 12, 2008

Rev up your appetites!

My co-worker Diane’s hand-picked list of Newport favorite eats continues! 

Firehouse Pizza – 595 Thames Street

Just plain fun & funky.  My only break from seafood when the kids are with me. 

Clark Cooke House – Bannister’s Wharf

For a more pricey lunch or fancy-menu dinner.  On Bannister’s Wharf (hence the priciness) but I love it there.  Several distinct dining areas inside – the fabulously lucky get the windows on the second floor overlooking the wharf walkers.  I love that little room in the winter.  The chowder is the “thin” kind but it’s my favorite. 

Black Pearl – Bannister’s Wharf

Mike’s [our old boss] favorite.  I prefer the Cooke House.  You decide!  Both pricey (inside.)  But I’ve eaten at the Black Pearl’s outside summer area – tested the chowder and was very happy.

Vincent’s on The Pier – Howard’s Wharf

Renovated a few seasons ago.  An easy walk from where you are staying.  It’s kind of hidden, down the wharf from the street – don’t be intimidated!  My vote for hidden gem.  I took my daughter there for her birthday dinner last year (our timeshare week often includes her September 20 birthday).  Great view, nice dinner restaurant…old school. 

Scales & Shells – 527 Thames Street

Still wanting to go there!!  My kids don’t like seafood and it’s an ALL seafood restaurant.  Great reviews, always crowded.

Mamma Luisa  – 673 Thames Street

This is way down Thames on “your” side of the street, so not far.  I’m definitely meaning to go there – great reviews – but just haven’t yet.

There’s just a few more on Diane’s list and I will get to those in the next post, along with her tips for places to go and things to see and even where to park!






  1. WOOOOO…I am all set.

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