Posted by: Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) | August 8, 2008

More Newport Victuals

So, I have been slacking in my duties as the “Gourmet” part of this blog’s title.  But, I had a co-worker come to my rescue.  She actually typed out a whole list of her favorite Newport eats for me, and has also given me a few guides and maps.  I will share Diane’s list and her comments here a few restaurants at a time. 

Brick Alley Pub – 140 Thames Street

(Note: Diane says that they actually pronounce the “TH” in Thames here, so don’t pretend you are in London.) Karmardav’s friend Sherry recommended it too, and says they have a good salad bar.  Diane sez:

Yellow building with (look up!) a firetruck on top in the Brick Alley area.  I can’t resist the lobster roll, fries, cole slaw plate.  That’s been my first and last meal (lunches) in Newport for a few seasons now – that says it all.  Excellent eats, fun atmosphere, be prepared to wait at mealtime but the place is bigger than it looks & worth the wait.  Do a late lunch rather than noon hour & you’ll be okay.

Panini Grill – 186 Thames Street

In the brick alley area.  Downstairs from the sidewalk.  Excellent for paninis for a quick lunch or late “I’m starved” snack.  Cheap & great.

Rhode Island Quahog Company – 250 Thames Street

Maybe we’ll see Peter & Lois Griffin there!

Across from the Bannister’s & Bowen’s Wharf areas – I’ve had some nice lunches/dinners there.  Not a bad choice. 

The Red Parrot – 348 Thames Street

Lunch or casual dinner.  Can’t miss seeing it, can’t resist going there.  My kids and grandkids insist on going.  Very crowded at peak meal times so just do a late lunch or early dinner.

Well, that’s a good start!  Who’s hungry??



  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

  2. Mmmm….Lobster Roll.

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