Posted by: shrewspeaks | July 15, 2008

Newport Celluloid…

Just a few Tasty tidbits to get you primed…

If you were at Rosecliff in 1974~

You may have run into Robert Redford as he was filming the Great Gatsby on the grounds…

In 1978, Larry Olivier would have been there filming the Harold Robbins trash novel The Betsy.

 If you  were to go to Clarendon Court ~

You may think you hear the melliflous tones of two crooners contemplating the gossip of the day…

In fact, High Society opens with a terrific fly over shot of Newport…and a terrific Louis Armstrong soundtrack


was used first for The Bostonians…

and then later for The Buccaneers…

Arnold, The Govenator stayed at the Ivy Lodge

while he was filming True Lies in 1994

at Ochre Court



And not to forget…many, many music moments are captured on film in Newport.  None more ground breaking than the moment Dylan plugged in…

And you can’t talk Newport o film without returning to the great Satchmo



  1. […] on over to the SGDT Site and find […]

  2. Oooh, would love to walk where Sinatra once walked.

    Great post!

  3. I’m getting excited. Would you believe with how relatively close I live to Newport, I’ve never been?

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