Posted by: shrewspeaks | July 14, 2008

Once Again…


Please comment here if you are coming to Newport.

Which days you are planning on being there and approximately when you plan on arriving.


Thank you,

The management.



  1. Rosanne…Friday with access to condo leaving the following Friday.

    I may drive up the coast once in CT. Stopping here and there for photo ops. Anyone coming in Friday let me know when you plan on arriving in Newport and I will be there in enough time to open up the place.

  2. Tuesday through Friday. I should be able to get there by mid morning on Tuesday.

    Do you know how many bedrooms there are, Shrew? I can bring my aerobed if need be, no problem.

  3. I will arrive from Boston in Newport on Friday, somewhere in the afternoon. Like you, I’ll likely stop along the way to take some photos, but I should be there by 5pm.

    I leave early Wednesday morning. Flight is out of Boston at 11:30am.

  4. Dear sis and I will also be arriving Tuesday to stay through Friday. Likely mid-to-late morning depending on what time we get our arses on the road. Got an aerobed here too if needed. Any info you have on rooms/bedsizes would be great; I’m assuming we bring sheets/towels?

    Looks like Tuesday night should be that booze cruise you were talking about!

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