Posted by: shrewspeaks | January 26, 2008

The Chicago – Ultra Super Mini Satellite SGDT: By Brc

Yeah, it’s Thursday morning and I’m finally going to meet Shrew! And look, the temp is a balmy 4 below zero and the wind chill is 24 below zero. I know Shrew LURVES the weather here in Chicago…


Camera… check
Purse… check
Gloves… check
Scarf… check
Fur coat… well I don’t actually have one, but today it would be nice

Drop kids at school… check

Okay, it’s 8:48. I have 12 minutes to get to Shrew.


Well. 3.7 miles and 11 minutes later, here I am at the lovely Embassy Suites. And look, they have a Gino’s East here (if you’ve never had Gino’s East pizza ya gotta try it)!


I walk in and immediately recognize Shrew. Aside from having seen a photo of her before, there was a beautiful Canon 40D camera sitting at her side, so it wasn’t too hard to find her. That and the fact that there were no other people in the lobby at all πŸ™‚

Time for breakfast. After perusing the culinary options, Shrew decided on a Belgian waffle with bacon (can you see the bacon there?) and I chose a spinach and mushroom omelette with sausage. Pay attention here folks. You need to know how to operate the white balance on your camera. Look at the difference in my omelette when the white balance is set improperly and when it is set correctly.


Breakfast was good, but the best part was being able to talk photography with Shrew. She knows sooooooooooo much. And she even let me try her camera. I want a Canon 40D when I grow up.


(Shrew note ~ I don’t know that much…Brc knew just as much…in fact our crew is awesome…the exchange of knowledge and support is what makes me continue to post.Β  I LERV YOU GUYS!)

We had a discussion about white balance and she nicely let me experiment on her. Have you seen her cute haircut?

(Shrew note~Β  never try to crack jokes while someone has the business end of a lens pointed your way…my lawdy look at that chin…and That chin’s chin YIKES!)



(Shrew Note~ This is the exact moment I realize Brc is not going to delete these photos…see the fear in my eyes?)Β 



(Shrew note ~ Grim resignation that these photos are a done deal. I am regretting that bacon now!)


In the camera I thought I liked the “auto” lighting better, but on the computer I like theΒ  “shade” setting better. Anyway. The moral of the story is to learn about white balance and when you take a shot, take it with a couple of different settings so you have choices.

Well Shrew had to go off to SDJ, but I made the lady behind the front desk take our photo before I left. She took four shots and this was the best one. A little blurry, but good enough.


Brc you are awesome…I could have stayed all day talking about cameras, traveling…and about you! Β 


Looking forward to our next opportunity to sit and chat.Β  Thanks for the great post!




  1. Woooohoooo!!! Too kewl. You guys is great!

    Shrew….the red is tellin’……heh.

    brc. Damn, girl. You is tall. Shrew’s taller than me…I’m going to have a crick in my neck looking up to talk with you guys when we finally all get together.

    Mmmmm, Bacon……

  2. Um… when I stand REAL straight I measure about 5 foot 3 inches. Not tall by anyone’s standards πŸ™‚

    For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Shrewbie yet you’re gonna love her. Not that you don’t already, it’s just that you’re gonna love her even more!

    Can’t wait for Newport.

  3. Well, that certainly was an ultra-mini SGDT, but its great you two got to meet!

    MM – if you are shorter than these two lovely ladies, you are going to think I am a giant at 5′ 8 1/2″ ! Loved seeing pics of you two!

  4. Well, brc, I know Shrew isn’t 4’10” because I’ve met her “eye to eye”, so to speak. Maybe it’s just the angle of the picture….were you standing in sand?


    K — Lawsy Mercy! I feel like a pigmy.

  5. Alright…I can’t keep this mirth up any more…I was bent over…I had a ton of papers in my hand and I didn’t want it all front and center in the picture.

    Brc is a tad bit taller, but we saw “eye to eye”

  6. OMG, ya’ll are too stinkin’ cute.

    Can I try out your DSLRs in Newport? Puhleez? “I will hug it and pet it and call it George”

  7. Of course you can try it out. Shrew let me try hers and let me tell you it is WAY cool.

  8. Yeah, Shrew let me try hers too at the CS3 Power Tour in NY, and let me tell you. It was all I could do to resist eloping with it. I wanted to make a mad dash for the exit, flag down a cab and tell the guy to drive, drive, drive! I’d have to change my name, though. And probably move to a different country. Shrew ain’t giving her camera up without a fight. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh, and I wanted to add that I wish I were there to listen in on your photography conversation.

  10. Awww, such cuteness! Brc, you look so familiar to me, but maybe that is just from the dancing Christmas elves?

    That waffle looks mighty tasty.

    Glad you ladies had a chance to meet! Can’t wait for Newport!

  11. Aww, Shrewsie, I miss you. 😦
    That hotel lobby photo of you and brc makes me think of our Taylor getaway! It’s been too long, my dear! Baby Boy turns a year old in a few weeks….he was just a bump back then! So glad you two got to meet. πŸ™‚

  12. Hmm … all of a sudden, I want some waffles.

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