Posted by: Jennifer A (Bread and Putter) | November 19, 2007

Surprise Mini Shutter Gourmet Dive Satellite Event

On a cold New England Saturday, jenfera awoke to the first dusting of snow of the season.  For brc’s amusement, she attempted an abstract snow macro. 

Jenfera learned a lesson from ivoryhut and dressed accordingly before heading outside for this shot.  But, there was no time to dawdle.  She hopped in her car and headed east.

Crossing the mighty Connecticut River, she thought of ivory once again as she attempted a driving shot from atop the North End Bridge, en route to her sister karmardav’s house.

Jenfera picked up karma, mini-karma1 and mini-karma2 and continued east. About an hour and a half later, we were in northeast Massachusetts and arrived at Renae’s house.

Mini-karma2 settled right in for a day of play with mini-renae, while mini-karma1 settled in for a day of video games and movies with Mr. Renae. Karma, Renae and Jen were off on a mission!

Tax-free shopping in glorious Nashua, New Hampshire! We started our day at the Pheasant Lane Mall and tried to check off some names on our Christmas lists. Renae made out well at JC Penney, but Karma & Jen were still gift-less and hungry. We stopped for lunch at Joe’s American Bar & Grill. Our sunny table provided great light for pictures of our food.

Jen had a roast chicken & wild greens salad. It was just alright, and I can’t explain why. I did have a salad once at some other chain restaurant that was very similar, but it had candied walnuts on top, so maybe I was just pining for that.

Renae opted for the meatloaf club. She said hers was also just alright, but her opinion may have been sullied by the waitress who kept forgetting to bring her another water so she could choke it down.

Karma seemed to really like her cheeseburger pizza. Jenfera noted for Maven that the soundtrack to lunch included some Amos Lee and U2.

Bellies full, it was time to attack more stores. We headed to several different plazas and found gifts at Kohl’s, Modell’s, and Costco. At Kohl’s, Jenfera pointed out to Renae that Feist was playing over the loudspeakers. Before it got too dark, I caught this shot from the parking lot of Costco, high above the shopping Mecca that is Nashua.

Back at Renae’s, the Gourmet portion of the day continued with bruschetta and crusty bread from Costco, and way too much leftover Halloween candy.

Mini-Mr.Renae looked like he wanted some of that candy. It was close to 8:00 when we got on the road back to Western Mass, and Jenfera rolled back into her garage just after 10:00 PM. A fine day of shopping, eating and photogging was had.



  1. I was actually thinking about this blog post appearing today, and was thinking my girls “screennames” could be megmardav and sarcoldav. Shortening them as brc originally cutely shortened me to “karma” would make them “megma” and “sarco” – ha! Okay, I think I’m overthinking things.

  2. Love it! You girls make me proud! Amos, U2 and FEIST! and….Costco bruscietta…mmmmmmm!

  3. Ooh, that pizza looked good. And I love a restaurant that will play Amos and U2. But I admit that I will have to Google Feist.

    Oh oh oh, did you get the Costco crusty artisan bread? Yummy! The first time I tried it, they were giving away samples of their triple cream brie slathered on pieces of that bread. I’m usually not a big fan of crusty bread, but that was absolutely delicious. So delicious that I planned that night’s dinner around the bread.

    Jen, I am so glad you bundled up. I should really serve as a warning to others. 🙂 (Excellent abstract snow macro work there.)

    Great photos, gals. And how cute is that mini-Mr. Renae!

  4. Hmm … Megma and Sarco. They sound like Egyptian Wonder Twins. 🙂

  5. Alright this is too cute. Thanks for the journal of your day. And you managed to incorporate everyone in your story.

    And I love the macro snow on the picnic table 🙂

  6. Heh – megma sounds like a really small amount of lava.

    Glad you liked the snow, brc! And see, it is abstract because that is not a picnic table! It’s the top step of the stairs leading to my backyard. Hmm, yeah, well, still a hunk of wood, true, but still sorta abstract, right?

    ivory, that bread kicked butt.

    I should have included a link to Maven’s post about Feist. I think you’ll all know her from that Apple commercial once you hear it.

  7. What bread kicked butt?

  8. Nevermind. I thought you were talking about bread you ate on your mini-SGDT. I didn’t fully re-read ivory’s comments.

  9. I didn’t think that the bread was actually Costco – I think we ended up with a different brand. Renae would have to confirm this.

  10. It was the Costco artisan bread that Hut mentioned. I made more bruschetta for Hubby with the other loaf yesterday and the bread was still good. Not too hard, not too soft. Just right Goldilocks!

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