Posted by: shrewspeaks | November 8, 2007

NYC Kelby SGDT – Part One

It all started with getting up at an ungodly hour…no human needs to face a mirror at 4:30 AM. I showered (which I am sure IvoryHut was glad I did). I dressed (which, AGAIN, I am sure Ivory Hut was glad I did). I gathered my gear. Walked the Beau-mister at 5:45…He was so not into the pre-dawn walk. By the time I put my key in the ignition, my Jeep’s clock read…
Now, you need to know I play tricks on myself with my clocks…the car clock is set intentially 20 minutes ahead of time, called DashBoard Time or DBT. Not because I am always late, but because I live in NJ and you can’t predict traffic jams. I used to have DBT set 10 minutes ahead, but I started getting snagged in traffic, so now the standard DBT is 20 minutes. Being real, I KNEW at this time of day (real time 6:08) I would make meeting up at 7:10 no problem.

I plugged in my iPod and started playing the latest episode of The Digital Photography Show with Scott Sherman and Michael Stein (OOOOOOH, if you don’t listen you must go to their page and listen…We are mentioned!!!!!)

I met IvoryHut on Route 46 in the Burlington Coat Factory Outlet parking lot. IvoryHut, kindly offered to drive…THANK YOU!!!!!!

So we headed east, making very good time, by either real time or DBT standards. Then as we neared…
we hit some of that famous Joisey…

So we took an alternate route (crafty IvoryHut) and made our way to the waterways. We took the most relaxing NYC commute I have ever experienced…the Ferry.

Even though it was a saturated morning, we still had a great view of the city as we approached…

Then we took the famous ferry bus to the Javits Center…seriously if it wasn’t raining we could have walked…but then we wouldn’t have this picture (plus…after an XL Dunkin Donuts Coffee and a ferry ride I really needed a ladies…TMI? Sorry.)

We made it to the Javits by 8:30 and the place was pretty busy already…
We were preregistered so that was painless. I must say Kelby Training does a great job of giving the VIP treatment to all show attendees. There were 1400 particpants (a record) and never did I feel we were cattle or not valued.

They opened the doors as soon as the room was set. There were 4 large screens with projectors set up for viewing the demos as well as NAPP “ads” during breaks…

IvoryHut and I started to fillout the business end of the comments card, staying one step ahead. One question was the regular “How did you hear about this seminar?” type and I answered…
The Digital Photography Show with Scott Sherman and Michael Stein Did I already say that we are mentioned in this weeks podcast? Did I also say that Michael and Scott give out great tips and have the best guests in photography…like oh I don’t know…Scott Kelby…Plus, If you listen this week you will get to hear aliens attack Michael Stein. I am not saying you MUST go listen to them…just that you should…they are also available via iTunes…does that help sway you? Go head go download the show…Infact go download the archived shows…I’ll wait.

You know what? I know you are so excited to hear aliens attack The Digital Photagraphy Show with Scott Sherman and Michael Stein that I will end part one here…I am kind like that.

I will leave you with one last shot.

The seminar is so good…that the mad skills just leap off the page and take residence in your body.

To be continued…



  1. Ooooo it’s kind of like reading Pdub. We get a little tease and have to wait for the next installment… but without the kissing and stuff.

    Thanks for giving us a taste of your day even though you were so tired. I look forward to hearing more.

  2. “but without the kissing and stuff.”

    Yeah, yeah…much like my personal life.

  3. Note to self: Do not try to scan through comments on Google Reader first thing in the morning, while still half-asleep. Else, you will read your name and then the words “kissing and stuff” and, after a seven-second delay, think “What in the world?!”

    Yeah, that traffic was bad. Thank goodness for little-known shortcuts.

  4. So far, so good!

  5. Wow. I want to know more about that “angel” pic.

  6. It does kinda look spectural, doesn’t it? I was trying to get a shot of someone holding the workbook up…but at the moment I clicked the gentleman in question flipped through the pages and viola! It is SOOC not photoshop applied…which in retrospect seems blasphemous since it was taken at a Photoshop Seminar.

  7. Gosh. I was sure you had applied some newfangled Photoshop technique to get that effect. It seriously looks like the image is leaping off the page.

  8. Nope pure and natural…I was too beat to play last night. I reiterate; SDJ!

  9. It’s the Photoshop angel paying a visit.

  10. “everytime an image renders an angel gets it’s wings”

  11. Ok, I must be out of it cuz shrew keeps saying sdj and I don’t have a clue. I’m hoping there might be a pic of ivory and shrew together at some point during all this?

  12. Haha. Karmardav, SDJ = Stupid Day Job.

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