Posted by: shrewspeaks | October 29, 2007


Wrong Newport…I should never post late at night! But the video is so cool I will leave my mistake up.

The Wedge is not a wave — it’s a 20-foot-plus meat grinder dreamed up by the devil himself. It heaves, bends and pulverizes in ways that good little waves aren’t supposed to act. The first time you swim or paddle out on a solid day, a typical thought might be, “Dang, is my chiropractor covered in my medical plan?”

The Wedge is a combination of two waves that merge together, thrusting into a titanic slingshot that breaks with enough pounds per square inch to send Stone Cold Steve Austin to the mat. It takes a south swell only, refracting the swell energy off the jetty and creating a sideways wave that slings across the beach and mates with the next wave in the set. The result is what locals fittingly call a “humping effect,” where the set waves jack, expand and release in unimaginable ways.



  1. Is it so named because it creates in less-experienced surfers one giant wedgie?

    Just askin’.

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